Horizon bench desking permits long stretches of work surface for multiple users.

Evante provides a refreshing change to the office.

Geos call centre desking is a discrete call centre solution.

Ambiflex is a fully coordinated cantilever desking system.

Ambiflex+ is designed to combine style and practicality. The distinctive leg features in-built cable management.

1500 x 750 3 drawer single pedestal desk.

800 deep 3 drawer desk high pedestal.

1500 x 750 double pedestal desk.

Left hand radial desk.

Right hand panel end radial desk.

I Frame Electronic Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desking

Cantilever Frame Crank handle Sit/Stand Desking

The Aztec range of panel end desking and accompanying furniture is stylish and functional.

Mercol's contract and system screens are designed to work in conjunction with the Ambiflex, Ambiflex+, Aztec and Evante desking ranges.